Frequently Asked Questions - UniAPI

What is uniAPI?
Simply said uniAPI is the API (Application Programming Interface) which will connect your frontend application code and different kinds of servers like mongodb database, SMTP server, ...etc. Also it will offer you some other usefull services like authentication, image and video manipulations, logging, error reporting and so on. We wil permanently work to improve our API and offer more and more services.

What's the difference between UniAPI and other APIs?
Main difference is that uniAPI is swiss knife solution. As the name says it's Universal API solution. We are working hard to cover most of your application needs so you should have everything on one place. Especially we are proud with MongoDB module which is, with its features, the novelty in API SaaS marketplace.

Can I download UniAPI and install it on my server?
No. UniAPI is SaaS, a cloud-based service.

Can I use UniAPI endpoints on server side?
Yes, sure. Althought we are focused to develop endpoints that will serve frontend you are also able to use UniAPI endpoints on backend, server side.

p>Can I create my API and use UniAPI inside it?
Yes, of course. You can integrate all UniAPI endpoints into your API. Thus you will reduce development time for your API.

How can I get UniAPI account?
Registration is simple. Just fill the form and we will create your account in a very short time. If you select shared platform, during registration process credit card will not be asked and you will get 21 day free trial. If you are satisfied with our API service you can enter your payment details, select package plan and continue using API endpoints. Upgrade or downgrade of the plan will be possible anytime.

Can I switch from shared to dedicated platform?
Yes, of course. If your uniAPI account is serving very demanding application and needs more server's RAM and CPU resources you can upgrade to dedicated platform. You just need to contact us for platform upgrading.

Can I order new module which I need for my application?
Sure. We will be happy to create new code and module on your demand. Just contact us and explain your application needs in detail and very soon you will get our price quotation.