UniAPI Platforms

UniAPI has two basic platforms: SHARED and DEDICATED.
With shared platform, server resources are shared among several users, so operating costs are divided up among the users making it cheaper. Because a dedicated uniAPI is dedicated solely to one user, it cost more.

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Shared Platform

multi user platform     Shared UniAPI is multi user platform where users share server's CPU and RAM resources, and a mongo database as well. UniAPI is instantiated as one NodeJS process, so each user share resoures of that process. Monthly plans are characterized with smaller amount of allowed API calls and of course lower plan prices.
As such it's good for small and medium API projects where you don't need many API endpoint calls per month.

Dedicated Platform

multi user platform     Dedicated UniAPI is single user platform where you will not share server's CPU, RAM and MongoDB resources with others. The whole NodeJS process will be dedicated only to your application so your uniAPI will have better performance and you will be able to use more monthly API calls.
Dedicated platform is convenient for large, enterprise projects.