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MongoDB UniAPI Module

Mongodb module gives you opportunity to connect your frontend web, mobile (iOS , android) or desktop application and mongodb database.

Control Panel

Control panel gives UniAPI users possibility to control MongoDB module completely. You can enter mongodb auth details, server and port. Define collections, fields, schema and options. Also there you are able to define which endpoints will be public and which will have private access.


MongoDB module endpoints serves for mongodb database management. Using these endpoints you can insert, update, patch or delete documents in database collections. With search endpoints you will easily and quickly find database document that your application needs. Besides that you can use endpoints to rename collections, to clear or to drop it completely. Also you will be able to manage database users (add, delete and list).

Endpoint Security

There are two types of endpoints: public and private. You can select which endpoint will be private and which will be public by using control panel. Private endpoints will be accessible to logged users only. On the other hand public endpoints will be accessible to anybody.

Fields and Schema

Inside control panel you can define collection fields and schema. Defining fields and schema you determine several filed data types such as String, Number, Boolean, Buffer, Mixed or ObjectId. Schema is defined as mongoose schema and as such you can use all advantages of document validation, indexing or embeding documents. Also you can use 'ref' property to link documents and make population possible.