Why I need UniAPI?

UniAPI is RESTful API which helps developers to add logic and functionalities to their web, iOS, Android or desktop applications. For example it can connect your frontend app and mongoDB database with find, insert, update, delete operations. UniAPI endpoints can send emails, push notifications, create multiuser authentication platforms such as social websites. With Payment UniAPI Module you will easily integrate the most popular payment gateways: braintree, paypal, stripe, ... Also you can build realtime apps like chats or multiuser games. Math endpoints will help you to build analytics and prediction tools (for example forex fibonacci prediction graph curves). It's convineant for almost any app: web shop, cms, social, analytics, games, ...etc.
With UniAPI you don't have to be backend developer to develop amazing applications. Most of backend job is already done so all you have to do is UI/UX frontend stuffs.

How to get UniAPI account?

Registration process is very simple. Just fill the registration form and we will create your UniApi account in a few hours. During registration process we will not ask you credit card details and you will get free trial period. After or during trial period expiration, you can enter your payment details, subscribe to monthly plan and continue to use UniAPI. You can change or cancel your monthly subscription anytime.
Very soon after filling registration form you will be able to login into UniAPI Panel where you can enter parameters, select endpoints and start to use the API. All API responses are in JSON format so your frontend apps can receive it easily.


With built-in services such as mongodb, email, auth, media, realtime, logs & errors ...etc., you can deploy web and mobile applications much faster. UniAPI will solve approx. 90% of all your backend code needs.

JSON Responses

UniAPI follows RESTful rules and responses (output) are in JSON format. We don't use XML or any other API format. POST, PUT, DELETE ...etc. requests (input) are also in JSON.


When you register you can choose among two uniAPI platforms. Which platform will you select depends on your application demands.
1. Shared platform whhere UniAPI users share CPU, RAM and database resources.
2. Dedicated platform where all resources are dedicated for only one UniAPI user.
Depending on platform the monthly plan prices will differentiate.

Control Panel

The whole platform is controlled by web based UniAPI Control Panel. After login uniapi user can change profile, monthly subscription plan, credentials and so on. The most important panel purpose is to protect API endpoints from public access. Any endpoint can be selected as public or private. Also endpoint can be disabled totally so nobody can access it.

API Endpoint Counting

The number of total monthly endpoints will be limited for each monthly plan. UniAPi will count only successful endpoint calls. Endpoints which returns errors will not be counted and your counter will not be increment by +1.

API Endpoint Security

API endpoints are secured in panel. Public endpoints are accessible to everyone. On the contrary, private endpoints are accessible to logged users only. An example when to use public and when to use private can be web shop application. For example in web shop when users are logged in endpoints should be 'private' so other users can't access it. Public endpoints should be accessible to all web shop visitors.
Private endpoints are protected by JSON web token which should be placed in x-uniapi-auth HTTP header.

HTTP Headers

Only two HTTP headers are required in UniAPI endpoints.

a) Use x-uniapi-key to distinguish your endpoints from other users. All endpoints must have this HTTP header. Also insted of it you can use query string parameter ?uniapikey=

b) All private endpoints additionally must have x-uniapi-auth HTTP header which will protect you endpoint from unwanted usage. Also insted of it you can use query string parameter ?uniapiauth= Endpoint POST /uni/users/getapitoken should be used to get uniapi token.