Frontend first & only.

UniAPI mission is to bring developers complete backend solution.
UniAPI will free your time to concentrate more on building marvellous frontend apps.
Stable & fast API endpoints for your web, android, iOS or desktop applications.
Backend platform is fully controled by UniAPI Web Panel.
API solutions packed in modules: mongodb, email, auth, media, realtime, social, logs & errors ...etc.

uniAPI Panel

Control Panel

Intuitive web based GUI to control your API endpoints. Make your endpoint public or private, or disable it totally.

uniAPI Technology

Latest Technology

Based on latest NodeJS / MongoDB asynchronous technology ensure high performace, stability and horizontal scaling.

uniAPI Datacenters


Choose among many datacenters located in different parts of the world (Europe, America, Asia).

Powerfull API Endpoints
controlled by web panel

API endpoints to insert, edit, update or delete database data. Send email messages or push notifications to your apps. Make authentication & authorization in your admin or user panels with only a few clicks. Create realtime apps like chats, games, ...etc. Log your frontend app events and errors. Manipulate media files dynamically. Resize, crop images and videos. Use maps, math or analytic endpoints ...

UniAPI Clients

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